Author Direct prime package
CUSTOMIZED COVERS - Create a personalized cover for your play! Upload your perfect image and customize with your own tag line!
SOCIAL MEDIA APP - To better promote your works, we provide links to the hottest social media apps.
SCRIPT PREVIEW - Provide a sample preview of your script for customers to read for free. The Script Preview contains the first half of the full script.
AUTHOR PAGE - Have your own personalized Author Page. You are able to upload your picture, biography, website links and more! Information can be updated at any time. This information can be viewed by all customers on our website. In addition, we will automatically list all of your plays that are self-published with us!
PERFORMANCE HISTORY - Keep track of all of your Work's performance history! Every time a production sale is made, we provide records of the organization, location, and performance date. These records are available on My Account.
EARNINGS AND PAYMENTS HISTORY - Let us do your bookkeeping! We will keep track of all sales, earnings, and payments made to you. Your history will be archived in My Account for you to view at any time.
PRICE: $9.99-29.99
To sign up for Author Direct, please visit our full website with a laptop or tablet.
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Published Play Categories
Each script is personalized with your organization name and if applicable, performance details,
so it is very important to enter your organization's full and proper name without abbreviations.
If you are placing a personal order, please retype your full first and last name in the Organization field.