By: Kelly Meadows
eScript Perusal: $1.99
eScript Package: $20.00  (Includes print rights for cast and crew)
First Performance Royalty: $20.00
Each Additional Performance Royalty: $20.00
Video Rights: $10.00
Type: One Act Play
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Dating, Decisions, Westerns
Running Time: 40 minutes
Speaking Cast: 7 females, 4 males, 11 total cast
Flexibility: 0-10 extras
ISBN: 978-1-93180-583-4
Member Reviews:
By Jason Norman, English/Drama, Union High School, Roosevelt, UT
A raucous mixture of the right and wrong side of the tracks.
By Caroline Downs - Kenmare, North Dakota
The actors and actresses decide which side of the tracks is the best for their future happiness. The audience is guaranteed to laugh at the antics of the good girl, the cowboys, the sheriff, the dance hall girls, and one pushy mother.
By Angela Adams, Theatre Director, Edinburg High School, Carthage MS
From start to finish, The Wrong Side of the Tracks will keep the audience amused.
More Reviews
How good is good, and how bad is bad? Sixteen-year-old Lilly has come all the way from Boston to Colorado—okay, she was dragged by her mother—to start a new life out west. Now her journey demands just one more crossing...over to the wrong side of the tracks. "Only bad girls go to that side of the tracks," warns the sheriff. "You come home right this minute!" her mother demands. But what's so wrong with the wrong side of the tracks?! A very innocent play of good and bad in the old West, with witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and fast-paced action.
ISBN: 978-1-93180-583-4
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