By: Robert Frankel
eScript Perusal: $1.99
   (For perusal, no performance rights conveyed.)
eScript Package: $10.00  (Includes print rights for cast and crew)
First Performance Royalty: $10.00
Each Additional Performance Royalty: $10.00
Competition Royalty: $10.00
   (Includes competition performance rights for one year)
Video Rights: $5.00
Type: Trios & More
Genre: Drama
Theme: Classic Adaptations
Running Time: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 3 males, 1 either, 6 total cast
Flexibility: gender flexible
Part of our unique O. Henry Series in the popular ten minute format, this play is an adaptation of one of the famous storyteller O. Henry's classic "surprise ending" short stories.
Spendthrift Bobby Gillian’s uncle has died, leaving him ten thousand dollars. As the old man had been worth millions, the bequest has come as a surprise, and Bobby is at a loss as to how to spend the money. He asks a friend, Bryson, who advises him to spend the money in his usual squandering fashion, but Bobby finds himself giving the money to his uncle’s ward, who has received an even stingier gift. When Bobby goes to his uncle’s lawyers with an accounting of his spending, they reveal a surprising addendum to his uncle’s will.
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