By: FrankĀ Ritter
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Type: Trios & More
Genre: Drama
Themes: Fine Arts, Work
Running Time: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 5 males, 6 total cast
Flexibility: 4-6 extras
Member Reviews:
      By PEGGY - Assistant Producer - OHCC Theatre Arts
Michelangelo's Revenge is a creative, entertaining and humorous ten minute play. I liked this sophisticated work because of its universal appeal. Moreover, audiences who have some background in art, history, or theology will enjoy an added layer of relevance. I particularly enjoyed the theological debate between Michelangelo and Pope Julius II, and I was delighted in the twist ending. I can see why it won the 2008 Best of Festival Award for short plays.
In the late 1580s, after weeks of creating one of the greatest works now known to man, Michelangelo is confronted by Pope Julius II who demands a change to his artistic creation. Read along in this twist of revelations to see if Michelangelo gave the Pope what he asked for or what he deserved. Michelangelo's Revenge, is the Best of Festival winner of the 2008 Summer Shorts Playwright Festival, Oceanside, CA.
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