By: Martin R. Collin
eScript Perusal: $1.99
eScript Package: $20.00  (Includes print rights for cast and crew)
First Performance Royalty: $20.00
Each Additional Performance Royalty: $20.00
Video Rights: $10.00
Type: One Act Play
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Friendship
Running Time: 20 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 males, 2 total cast
Member Reviews:
      By Zack Buzzell - Actor/Director - Saint James High School
Martin Collin is the theatre director and an English teacher at my high school, Saint James School. My friend and I decided to self-direct and act in "The Mistake" as a tribute to Mr. Collin. We performed the play outside one night. Using a basic stage of a table and two chairs, lit by a floodlight placed in a tree, we performed in front of an audience of several hundred people lounging on the grass quadrangle. Costume changes were done in a nearby dorm while several seniors whistled "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Everyone loved the play, not merely because most of them knew or were taught by the playwright, but because it is an easily adaptable, raucous, hilarious comedy. This play is fantastic and was a memorable experience for the audience, for Mr. Collin, and especially for me.
Recent Productions:
Sand Creek High School - Colorado Springs, CO
Richardson High School - Richardson, TX
Theater Bartlesville - Bartlesville, OK
Jefferson High School - Jefferson, WI
Saint James School - St. James, MD
St. Mary's College of Maryland - St. Marys City, MD
Finger-pointing, name-calling, and shocking revelation! Blame, guilt, and a verbal battle royale that has lasted for years, (all of their lives!), through childhood’s laughter and as an adult’s sad tears. The Mistake is a fast-paced character study of two friends revealed in a nostalgia-based argument of comic memories, charged bickering and banter, and an unexpected reversal. A madcap, modern, private conversation and a humorous biting look at best friends.
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