By: Conrad Davidson
eScript Perusal: $1.99
eScript Package: $20.00  (Includes print rights for cast and crew)
First Performance Royalty: $20.00
Each Additional Performance Royalty: $20.00
Video Rights: $10.00
Type: One Act Play
Genres: Comedy, Melodrama
Theme: Westerns
Running Time: 20 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 4 males, 6 total cast
Recent Productions:
Reynolds Community Betterment - Reynolds, ND
El Korah Shriners - Boise, ID
London Middle School - wheeling, IL
Leoni Meadows Camp - Grizzly Flats, CA
Horseshoe Bend High School - Horseshoe Bend, ID
Mansfield High School - Mansfield, AR
London Middle School - Wheling, IL
Taylor Lake Christian Church - Deer Park, TX
Benet Academy - Lisle, IL
Ledford High School - Thomasville, NC
Tipton High School - Tipton, OK
Altoona-Midway Middle School - Altoona, KS
Grunyan Guzzle is a villain intent on making an easy buck in the fast food business—he sells bottled water at crossroads. When Mable Matriarch sets up a successful fast food burger stand at the same crossroads, Guzzle decides he wants to marry her and get control of her lucrative business as well. When Guzzle’s initial offer to Mable is declined, Guzzle decides to sabotage the burgers. Ever Staunch, the hero, eventually thwarts Guzzle’s underhanded takeover, wins Mable’s heart and finds Mable’s long-lost daughter, Penny Perdition. Bare stage set with minimal scenery: signpost and tables.
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