By: Martin Follose
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Type: Full Length Play
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Pirates, Magic
Running Time: 75 minutes
Speaking Cast: 9 females, 8 males, 17 total cast
ISBN: 978-1-61588-099-7
Recent Productions:
Sherwood High School Theater Department - Creighton, MO
Stanton Middle School - Kent, OH
Kitscoty Community Theatre - Kitscoty, Canada
Hammond Central School - Hammond, NY
St. Ansgar Community School District - St. Ansgar, IA
Winside Public School - Winside, NE
Central Lyon Community School - Rock Rapids, IA
Stanton Middle School - Kent, OH
Max Public School - Max, ND
Liberal High School - Liberal, MO
Auburn Village School - Auburn, NH
Eddyville Blakesburg High School - Eddyville, IA
Ridge View High School - Holstein, IA
For: Stratford Community Theatre - Groton, SD
Bayfield High School - Bayfield, CO
Noxon Public Schools - Noxon, MT
Morrill Public Schools - Morrill, NE
Corwith-Wesley-LuVerne Community School - Corwith, IA
Inola High School - Inola, OK
Sherwood Cass R-VIII School - Creighton, MO
Emmett High School - Emmett, ID
McGregor Independent School District No. 4 - McGregor, MN
McPherson County High School - Tryon, NE
Falkville High School/Thespian Society - Falkville, AL
Chula Vista Middle School - Chula Vista, CA
Tucumcari High School - Tucumcari, NM
Clear Spring High School - Clear Spring, MD
Stanton Middle School - Kent, OH
Central Unified School District No. 462 - Burden, KS
HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO in the deepest jungle interiors lived an ancient civilization of Nunus rumored to have collected great riches of gold and precious artifacts—they were also well-documented cannibals. Ignoring the last part, archaeologist Shirley Price is bent on discovering and looting this legendary Lost City. When colleague Conrad Cain discovers an ancient map to the Nunu ruins, Shirley Price convinces him that it's time to ditch the backyard digs and search for the riches of the Nunus. Shirley cons the wealthy Mrs. Breezley into financing the trip and hires two experienced jungle guides to cut the trail. Before long, the expedition includes Conrad's fiancée, Mrs. Breezley, who insists on searching for a new species of orchids herself (Shirley told her they were going on an orchid outing), and J.D. Hunt and Brian Tate, the not-so-experienced expedition guides who are being chased by two nature-disrespecting loan shark goons. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the jungle, the Nunus, who are not at all lost, capture Shirley and Conrad and plan a tremendous feast. Not a bad idea until Shirley and Conrad overhear Chief Pow-Pow order the Witch Doctor to “remove all evil that might be inhabiting their delicious entrees . . . sauteed Shirley and candied Conrad.” So the goofy Witch Doctor summons the tasty duo but instead of cleansing the entrees, he mistakenly casts Shirley into Conrad's body and Conrad into Shirley's body. Devastated, the Witch Doctor resigns determined to find a more suitable occupation until he's captured by the expedition members and forced to either eat vegetables or reverse the spell. Easy jungle set.
ISBN: 978-1-61588-099-7
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