By: Roy C. Booth
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Type: One Act Play
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Themes: Fairy Tale, Multicultural
Running Time: 30 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 1 male, 8-13 either, 11-16 total cast
Flexibility: 10 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
Author's Notes:
The playwright strongly encourages that directors of this play take full advantage of the many possibilities the Royal Court scene has to offer -- it is a great place not only to feature young inexperienced actors, but a great outlet for "hidden" performer talents as well!
Member Reviews:
      By Wendy Holkesvig - Director Advisor - Hatton and Northwood Public Schools
Hatton-Northwood Drama Team performed this play for the entire school, K-12, and the kids loved it! A teacher commented that she has never seen the entire student body so engrossed in an assembly. At the regional one act play competition, Christina Phipps, in the role of O-Ban-San, earned an Outstanding Actor Award.
      By Cynthia Booth - Director - Formerly of the Bemidji Tin Cip Players
I directed this play on an outside stage at Lake Bemidji State Park (Minnesota) years ago, and I was amazed at the amount of versatility that the script allowed, and how well children and parents alike enjoyed the show! In our version we were able to use a stage magician, a local Gaelic music trio, and a juggler for the Royal Court scene. Lots of fun for everyone!
Based on a Japanese folktale, Shita-Kiri-Suzume follows the adventures of a very kind old man, O-Jih-san, who rescues a sparrow from an evil raven and nurses her back to health. However, his jealous wife, O-Ban-san, drives the sparrow away, forcing O-Jih-san and his animal friends to undertake a fantastic journey. While searching for the sparrow, Suzume-chan, they discover that she is really a fairy princess! They travel to her magical kingdom, where she rewards them for their kindness with a feast and a box of treasure, telling them not to open it until safely home. After seeing the fabulous treasure, O-Ban-san wants her own box. She gets her wish, but she also gets more than she ever bargained for!
There are many versions of this story in existence. One version can be found at
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