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First Performance Royalty: $20.00
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Type: Full Length Play
Genre: Drama
Themes: Conflict, Love & Romance
Running Time: 100 minutes
Speaking Cast: 4-5 females, 5-7 males, 0-2 either, 9-14 total cast
Flexibility: 1-2 extras, doubling possible
Title Includes: Mature Theme
Author's Notes:
You can see a video of the performance of the play on youtube. The original name of the play was 'CREATION'S BIRTHDAY' It is divided into nine segments (10- 15 min) Search youtube Start with 'Discovery of the expanding universe play 1' then 'creation youtube 2a, 2b, 3....9or see my facebook page in social media section Slides and videos mentioned in script are available from author at no charge Reviews will be posted soon
For generations the Book of Genesis has served as the authoritative account for Creation. Now A BIG BANG BEGINNING brings to life the story of Genesis through the legendary battle between astronomer Edwin Hubble and the towering icon of science, Albert Einstein. The Hubble name is well known through the sublime views of our universe from the Hubble Space Telescope. But not many are familiar with the story of the man. Hubble rises from humble beginnings with daring controversies to unlock the mystery of creation and to win the epic battle against the superstar of science. Hubble is always up for the big fight, against authority, against established truth, and against conventional wisdom. Hubble meets a recently widowed Grace, and uplifts her spirits with the majesty of the heavens. They fall in love under the stars and the dome of the telescope. Grace uplifts his spirit to fight for his dreams despite the severe odds he always faces. In his grand triumphs, Hubble reveals that the universe is not only bigger than anyone ever imagines, but getting bigger every moment. The runaway universe brings Hubble into direct collision with Einstein, who roundly declares that the universe is eternally stable, not expanding. Can an upstart, American astronomer dare to challenge the world champion? Hubble is ready to go down in flames. Hubble and Einstein come face to face in the climax. Einstein rejects the expanding universe. Why would God want to blow up His universe? But there is a crucial flaw in his epic work. Without this flaw, his theory also leads to an expanding universe. Einstein is shocked. How could he have missed the momentous find of the expanding universe? After strong protests, Einstein magnanimously admits his great blunder to finally acknowledge Hubble. Still Einstein questions: What fuels the expansion? Creation! A Big Bang detonation powers the expanding universe. Hubble reveals the final grand consequence, the date of the birth of the universe. Einstein is swept away to declare this to be the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation he has ever heard. Hubble has unlocked the secret of how God created the universe. With one big bang!
Mature Theme
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