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Byron Oickle
Byron Oickle has been teaching students at the upper elementary level for more than thirty years. Throughout his career he has written several plays for his students to perform covering topics in Health, Science, and Christmas related themes. He believes plays are a fun and entertaining way to engage his students in the learning process and to celebrate the unique gifts of each child.

Byron lives in Auburndale, a rural community, read more

Mariah Olson
Mariah lives on a small dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota. She honed her monologue skills when she competed in forensics while in high school. She is proud and happy to debut her playwriting skills at Green Room Press as well as Brooklyn Publishers.
Bradford Owen
Bradford Owen
Bradford Owen is married and a father of five living in the wonderfully artsy mountains western North Carolina. By day, he's a psychologist working for a mental health managed care agency. By nights, he moonlights as a professional photographer, community theatre actor, playwright, and writer, of full-length plays, one-acts, sketches, and children’s stories.
Hasan Padamsee
As Professor of Physics at Cornell University, I teach a very popular physics and astronomy course for non science students (200 students). I have written and directed several science based plays for my students to perform as part of their final assignment, learning through living the scientists roles. This play has been performed under the name CREATIONS BIRTHDAY several times by professional actors at several venues in Chicago, read more
Cristian Panaite
Cristian Panaite is a scholar and playwright originally from Romania. His written works are deeply rooted in his American experience and the social, cultural and political shifting grounds that his home country has been passing through in the last decade. Some of his works have been produced or received public readings Off Broadway, and Bucharest, read more
Donald Payton
Donald Payton
Donald Payton wrote his first play, "Bobbysox," as a teen fresh out of high school. He submitted the manuscript to Heuer Publishing, having noted the company's name and address from a cast copy of a play he appeared in during high school. The family-owned company took a chance on the unpublished playwright and the play became a hit.

What inspired Mr. Payton to try his hand at playwriting? - "An early fascination with live theater, read more

Gary Peterson
Gary Peterson

Gary Peterson is the author or co-author of over 20 published plays and musicals, including Klondike Kalamity, with David A. Byrne, and The Brementown Musicians, with songwriter Larry Nestor. Gary is a retired news video editor for WLS-TV in Chicago. As such, he has worked on numerous television productions including the Oprah Winfrey Show. In 1984, read more

Larry Phillis
Lawrence E. Phillis is co-author of Sketch-O-Frenia published by Meriwether in the fall of 2003. Larry graduated from The Second City training program in the summer of 2003, where he performed He-Man of Lamancha, a sketch comedy review. He has been writing and performing sketch comedy since 1997 with The Cellar Dwellers, and doing long form improve with Hustlebot since 2006.. He teaches improv, acting and writing to young adults.
Matthew Powell
Matthew Powell
Father Matthew Powell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre, Dance and Film. Father Powell attended the Universities of Dayton and Wisconsin, the Aquinas Institute, and Miami University. While at these colleges, he received B.S. and M.A. degrees for Speech and Drama, an M.A. for Theology, read more
TA Powell
T.A. Powell is a successful playwright through Heuer Publishing, LLC. and is the Artistic and Managing Director of a theatre in North Georgia. An avid participant within the field of performing arts, T.A. Powell finds her job a natural extension of her artistic capability. Fascinated by the lure of unsolved cases, she prefers to write historical fiction pieces, finding it a more palatable format when dealing with sensitive information. read more
Carrie Printz
Carrie Printz is an award-winning playwright. Her plays have won both national and regional competitions and have been produced at a variety of theaters, including The Edge Theatre Company and And Toto too Theatre Company in Colorado. Her full-length play, GIFTED, was produced by The Edge in 2013 after winning its new play festival, and another full-length play, RACE RELATIONSread more
Frank Priore
Frank Priore
Frank V. Priore is a veteran of over forty years in the theatre. A graduate of the New York Academy Of Theatrical Arts, he has worked Off-Broadway as a professional actor; however, over the years, he has concentrated his energies on the development of regional theatre in the outer boroughs of New York City. He founded several regional theatre groups, and has performed in, directed, produced and written countless shows, read more
Jerry Rabushka
Jerry Rabushka

Jerry Rabushka lives in St. Louis and is a playwright, writer of novels and short fiction, musician, and composer. He has won awards for his writing and musical compositions, and for 11 years his production company Ragged Blade produced his original works at home and on the road. Through this he gained experience in practically every aspect of theater: directing, acting, box office, and even selling concessions ... read more

Emilio Regina
Emilio has been teaching drama, acting and English class at Selkirk Secondary High School in Kimberley, BC for the last thirteen years. He's the singer and harmonica player for the blues band The Hollers. Emilio has won provincial awards for his acting and plays. In addition to Brooklyn Publishers, his plays are published by Encore Performance Publishing, Eldridge Publishing, I. E. Clark, Big Dog Publishing and Meriwether Publishing.
Julie Riggs
Julie Riggs is a middle school English teacher in Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her teenaged son and two dogs. She has been interested in writing all her life but has only begun writing professionally within the last seven years, during which she began sponsoring an after-school drama club and summer drama workshops. She has now written over a dozen plays for young people.
Frank Ritter
Frank Ritter
Mr. Ritter has the rare distinction of being a multiple-award winning playwright, and is delighted to make his plays available through Green Room Scripts. Raised on a ranch, he is a rodeo, blue-ribbon holder; and as a swimmer, he trained Water Safety Instructors (WSI) for the American Red Cross. Not only is he a member of Mensa, but he has also been commissioned a “Kentucky Colonel, read more
Lisa Roth
Lisa Roth has been a performer on stage since she was five. She graduated with honors with a BA in Communications/Media. She gladly gave up copywriting for radio to raise her two children at home. Enjoying children and living on a farm in a small town, she opened a daycare in her home to have friends for her children to play with every day. The children loved to listen to her stories, so Mrs. Roth wrote them. read more
Christine Rusch
Christine Rusch (K. Biadaszkiewicz) PO Box 202, Wyandotte, Michigan 48192 USA Isoperhaps@yahoo.com Member, Dramatists Guild, read more
Frederick Saur
Frederick L. Saur was born June 1, 1926 of a German father and an English-Scottish mother in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, the elder of two sons. Drafted into the army after a half year of college (music), he married a U.S. Army nurse, Muriel (Peg) Clapper. Upon discharge his wife and he both obtained college degrees, and he taught Speech, English and drama at Ashland College (now Ashland University, Ohio) for four years. read more
Edan Schappert
Edan Schappert, former ABC-Television writer, has been the recipient of numerous awards. Her play listings include National Directory of Playwrights,Best Plays, American Women in Theatre, and World Who's Who of Women. Her magazine credits include Woman, Bottom Line, Dramatists Guild Quarterly, and National Humanities. Edan's play, The Big Shot, when originally produced, read more
Mark Scharf
Mark Scharf

Mark Scharf is an award winning American playwright living in Baltimore, MD whose plays have been produced widely in the United States and internationally. Scharf has served as Playwright-in-Residence for Theatre Virginias New Voices Program and taught Playwriting at the University of Mary Washington and at Howard Community College. He has also presented Playwriting seminars for the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, read more

Mark Scharf
Mark Scharf
Mark Scharf is an award winning American playwright living in Baltimore, MD whose plays have been produced and published widely in the United States and internationally. Scharf has served as Playwright-in-Residence for the Theatre Virginia New Voices Program and taught Playwriting at the University of Mary Washington and at Howard Community College. He has also presented Playwriting seminars for the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, read more
Steven Schutzman

Steven Schutzman is a playwright and fiction writer, the author of dozens of published plays and more than 30 different plays produced (many numerous times) at such theatres as New Jersey Repertory, Cleveland Public, Baltimore Theatre Project and Revolution Theatre in Chicago. He has published stories and plays in many national literary journals including The Pushcart Prize, TriQuarterly, Alaska Quarterly Review, Gargoyle, Night Train, read more

Tommy F. Scott
For over 30 years, Tommy Scott has taught, written, performed and directed for educational, read more
John Shanahan
John Shanahan
John Shanahan began writing plays in 2002. Since then his full-length and short plays have been featured in small theaters and festivals around the country.

His first full-length play, Dinner for Several, won the 2004 James Sunwall New Play prize, and three of his short works, Brushstroke, That Thing and First Time for Everything, read more

Ray Sheers
Word has reached me that there are some bizarre rumors and half-truths about my life circulating through cyberspace and that are being bandied about in certain smoke-filled pool halls. Let me set the record straight: I was not raised by four bearded ladies. I was raised by a pack of wolves in Canada. We're still very close. - There are countless nuts up and down my family tree. What family doesn't have a few cuckoos in its nest? - I was... read more
Craig Sodaro
Chicago-born Craig Sodaro began writing plays in eighth grade. When he attended Marquette University, three of his one-acts were presented by the theater department. Heuer Publishing Company brought out his first full-length mystery, Tea and Arsenic, and since then, Sodaro has had over 150 plays published. His plays Hush, Little Baby, Second-Hand Kid, and Nesters have been produced in New York Off-Broadway. read more
Michael Soetaert

Michael Soetaert lives in Portland, Oregon, where he drinks a lot of coffee and pets his cat. His writing credits include the plays The Republic of Almost Perfect, 2222: The Zombie Apocalypse, The Dearly UnDeparted, and the Faculty Meeting.

C.P. Stancich
C.P. Stancich began writing comedies for the stage in the early 1990s. His full-length, one-act and ten-minute pieces have been produced in England, Australia, Canada and throughout the U.S., and garnered national awards. His comedy JUST ONE ABIDING DEARTH took top honors at the Pittsburgh New Works Festival, the Great Platte River Festival, and the Little Theater of Alexandria National Competition. read more
Craig W. Stump
I was born in 1955, Eisenhower was president. I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. I have memories of JFK's, RFK's, and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assasinations, the Vietnam War, watching man walking on the moon for the first time, hippies, Woodstock, the first Earth Day, Watergate, Elvis' death, disco, MASH, to name but a few. I started teaching in 1978, and coached high school girls' gymnastics. read more
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