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Deborah Karczewski
Deborah Karczewski is best known for writing plays, monologues, scenes, and contest pieces for the high school market. She has taught, raised her male and female children, and currently resides in central New Jersey, which despite the misleading view suggested by its airport and proximity to several large cities, is actually a beautiful melding of country-urban, sheltered sophistication. As a result, read more
Leon Katz
Leon Katz is Professor Emeritus of Drama at Yale University, and is currently the Frey Distinguished Professor of Dramatic Art at the University of North Carolina. At Yale, he was co-chairman of the Department of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, and in a long teaching career, has taught at more than a dozen universities in America and in Europe.\r\n\r\nHe has written many original plays, translations and adaptations, read more
John Kendall
John Kendall
John Kendall has spent most of his life in the performing arts. Beginning at age 16, when he both played and taught percussion, John worked through a number of school, community, semi-professional, and professional productions. He has acted, directed, composed music, and produced for the theatre.

For much of his life, John supported himself as a teacher of English and drama in the secondary school system. read more

Christopher King
Christopher King
Chris King is the author of poetry, children’s picture books, children’s novellas, novels and some prize winning short plays. His political drama S.P.A.C. won the Alhambra Theater award and was produced in Jacksonville, Florida. His one-acts Our Appointed Rounds and A Mother In My Head were finalists with the Mark Twain Masquers One Act Festival in West Hartford, read more
D.T. Kinnebrew
D.T. Kinnebrew is a part-time freelance writer, who has worked with teens in the criminal justice system. She currently resides in Connecticut and also writes non-fiction. D.T. Kinnebrew studied playwriting under Peggy Sperling, at the New England Academy of Theatre, which is located in North Haven, Connecticut.
Alexis Kozak
Alexis Kozak holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts and in English from Rutgers University and an MFA in Playwrighting from Boston University. He is an actor, playwright, and director, whose plays, The Black Bird Returns and Babel Tower, have been produced off-Broadway. In Los Angeles, Alexis has performed with The Evidence Room in the west coast premier of David Edgars Pentecost. He has an ongoing collaboration with Flint Esquerra, read more
David Labounty
David LaBounty's plays have appeared in Plays magazine and on stages across the country. His fiction has been published in various magazines including The Friend Magazine, Zu Zu, Young Salvationist, Hopscotch and Kid's Highway. Currently, David lives with his wife and two children in Texas, where he is the editor of the literary magazines The First Line and Workers Write!.
Donna Latham
Donna Latham
Donna Latham is the author of numerous books for children, including Fire Dogs, which received the ASPCA Henry Bergh Children's Book Award. Donna, who has been involved in writing, theatre, and education for much of her life, holds a BA in Communication Arts and an MA in Library Science. With her Grammar plays for Heuer, she introduces the intergenerational, read more
David J. LeMaster
David J. LeMaster
David LeMaster has published over twenty plays and scenes for young people with Brooklyn Publishers. His plays have been included in Smith and Krauss collections, anthologized by Prentice Hall, published by This Month Onstage, Encore Performance Publishing, and many others. He has published short stories with Eclipse Literary Journal, RE:AL, StorySouth, Exquisite Corpse, Fiction Warehouse, Eclectica, Antithesis Common, Spoiled Ink, read more
Robin Rice Lichtig
Robin Rice Lichtig is the author of over 40 plays, seen from Florida to Alaska, Amsterdam to South Africa. Her plays are highly theatrical, read more
Emmett Loverde
Emmett Loverde

Mr. Loverde is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in Berkeley, California and received a degree in Theater from UCLA. He has written extensively for stage, screen, television, and radio. Over two hundred separate productions of his stage plays have been mounted worldwide to date.

Films written, produced, and directed by Mr. Loverde include the comedy shorts Snacking, A Timely Maneuver, The Truth About Me, read more

Don Lowry
Don Lowry has a master's degree in English. He has worked as a copywriter for large ad agencies in Manhattan and Chicago. Don has two books published, several short stories, articles and two stage plays produced and is now writing copy for the web sites of various companies and working on three nonfiction books. He is a widower.
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