Hasan Padamsee
As Professor of Physics at Cornell University, I teach a very popular physics and astronomy course for non science students (200 students). I have written and directed several science based plays for my students to perform as part of their final assignment, learning through living the scientists roles. This play has been performed under the name CREATIONS BIRTHDAY several times by professional actors at several venues in Chicago, including a full production (16 performances) by Genesis Theatrical Productions in 2015 at the Athenaeum Theatre. In July 2012, the play has been performed at Fermilabs Ramsey Auditorium (seats 500). The performance was held in connection with the 150th Anniversary of the Chicago Astronomical Societys Astronomical League (ALCON 2012). In Dec. 2011 there was a Rehearsed Staged Reading of the final two scenes of the play at the Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village, NY City. The reading was part of the regular "Science and Entertainment Series" hosted by Professor Roald Hoffman, Cornell Nobel prize Chemist. In Nov. 2011 there was a Workshop performance at Gorrilla Tango Theatre in Chicago I have published the popular physics text book for my course with Francis and Taylor, as well as two technical books in my field of research by John Wiley and Sons used as principle resources for graduate students in my field world-wide. In 2015 I was honored as the 2015 recipient of the highest prize in my professional field of particle accelerators, the R.R. Wilson Prize, awarded by the American Physical Society.
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For generations the Book of Genesis has served as the authoritative account for Creation. Now A BIG BANG BEGINNING brings to life the story of Genesis through the legendary battle between astronomer Edwin Hubble and the towering icon of science, Albert Einstein. The Hubble name is well known through the sublime views of our universe from the Hubble Space Telescope. But not many are familiar with the story of the... read more
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