Andrew Martineau
Andrew Martineau
Andrew Martineau has had several productions and staged readings of his work in NYC with Ivy Theatre Company, Love Creek Productions, and DreamCatcher Entertainment. His play "Functions" is available through Heuer Publishing and Green Room Press. "Etched in Stone" has won "Best Script" in two one-act play festivals in Virginia and Maryland. His comedy Trash Day has had development workshops in NYC and Baltimore, MD. Andrew teaches English at a private university in Virginia. He also has two published children's books entitled "Daddy Monster" and "When Shadows Fill Your Room."
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Etched in Stone follows an elderly couple, Fanny and Peter, who meet as they have their own separate picnics at their future grave sites. It turns out that their spouses are buried there, and one day they will be side by side for all eternity. As they get to know each other, despite a rough start, they relive the times that they each first visited the sites with their spouses.
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