Olivia Arieti

Olivia is a US citizen, with a degree from the University of Pisa, lives in Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy, with her family. Her plays have been published by Heuer Publishing, Brooklyn Publishers, Desert Road Publishing, JAC Publishing & Promotions, Independent Playwrights USA and Lazy Bee Scripts, UK.
Olivia has had her productions produces all arounf the world, a few include: FLIGHT ATP12 produced by Gulfport Community Players in Florida, JUST FOR YOU produced by Blue Box Productions in NYC, and CONTEMPTUOUSLY IN LOVE produced by Ciona Taylor Productions in NYC. Her plays, UP NORTE and NIGHT INTRUDERS, were finalists in the R.J. Flores Short Play Reading Series and had staged readings in NYC. THE TEACHER, an adaptation of a short story of A. Chekhov was produced at the Viaduct Theatre in Chicago, for the Neapolitans Off-Chekhov Festival. Her poems and short stories have appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies in the USA and UK.

Plays by Olivia Arieti with Green Room Press:
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