Lisa Roth

Lisa Roth has been a performer on stage since she was five. She graduated with honors with a BA in Communications/Media. She gladly gave up copywriting for radio to raise her two children at home. Enjoying children and living on a farm in a small town, she opened a daycare in her home to have friends for her children to play with every day. The children loved to listen to her stories, so Mrs. Roth wrote them. Both children's books are available for publication. She took over as director/writer for seven years for her churches Christmas pageants. Her credits include three other published one acts plays for children, all written originally as Christmas pageants and a few later adapted for mainstream. Mrs. Roth is extremely active in community theater, singing, dancing, and acting. She and her husband of 21 years are great supporters of their son and daughters' various sporting, creative, and school activities. She is now pursuing screenwriting.

Plays by Lisa Roth with Green Room Press:
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