Kyle Harpole

Kyle grew up in northeastern Oklahoma. He was not particularly active in theatre in his early days, though he was a proud member of the Hippie House Band for his high school's heavily censored 2004 production of Hair. He also rear-ended a car while wearing his Hippie House Band attire before his first performance. That's the extent to which he was exposed to theatre as a child.

Kyle discovered playwriting when he took a playwriting course from the University of Iowa in the fall of 2005. The first real play he ever wrote (That's What Lovers Do) was produced at the University of Iowa Ten Minute Play Festival in 2006. Two more of his plays were produced in this festival in 2007 and 2008, but the latter was way to weird to publish with Heuer. Sorry, guys.

Since writing these plays, Kyle has become two very distinct non-playwright things. A Ph.D. biophysicist (awarded 2015) and a management consultant. He currently resides in between Philadelphia and Princeton where there are a lot of farmers markets and stuff. He think it's pretty okay.

Plays by Kyle Harpole with Green Room Press:
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