David J. LeMaster

David J. LeMaster
David LeMaster has published over twenty plays and scenes for young people with Brooklyn Publishers. His plays have been included in Smith and Krauss collections, anthologized by Prentice Hall, published by This Month Onstage, Encore Performance Publishing, and many others. He has published short stories with Eclipse Literary Journal, RE:AL, StorySouth, Exquisite Corpse, Fiction Warehouse, Eclectica, Antithesis Common, Spoiled Ink, The Southern Anthology and Kennesaw Review.

In March of 2008, LeMaster was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease and has decided to go public to bring attention to the disease and its victims. He is working on a new play dramatizing his struggle. You may friend LeMaster on Facebook: David J. LeMaster, Playwright.

Visit David J. LeMaster's web page: http://www.davidjlemaster.com
Plays by David J. LeMaster with Green Room Press:
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