Christine Rusch

Christine Rusch (K. Biadaszkiewicz) PO Box 202, Wyandotte, Michigan 48192 USA Member, Dramatists Guild, Authors League Guidance/Education: John Ford Noonan; Arthur Giron; Bill Hardy; Harvena Richter. M.Ed. Temple University Activities/Honors Co-Founder: Human Values in New Plays program (NC Humanities Committee) Best Lunch Theatre Ever; Greenville Museum’s New Works Theatre; Southeastern Playwrights’ Conference; Playwrights’ Fund of NC Building Bridges (SC Community discussion group about racial issues) CONTACT (SC community action group); The People’s Theatre Darlington, SC; Power Point (Series of programs for at-risk teens) Founding member, Greenville (NC) Friends Meeting (Quakers). Member, Ann Arbor Friends Meeting Editor, Milestones, Friends Journal Fellow in Drama, SC Academy of Authors Instructor of Fiction/Playwriting, UCLA (1998-2001) Drama honors PAST ANGRY (play), First Place, Judith Siegel Pearson Award (Wayne State University). POTATO GIRL (play), Best Play (Institute for Southern Studies). Selected one-acts, Special Collections, Green Library, Stanford University. THE MAN WHO BURIED…Producer’s Choice Award, Turnip Theatre Festival HE CAME HOME ONE DAY… Letter of Recognition, O’Neill Theater Center; Finalist, The Mercy Plays; Honorable Mention, 2005 New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition; Selected for Best Short American Play Anthology (Applause Books). A BOZZA FOR GAZA, Award from Oxford International Institute for Documentary & Drama in Conflict Transformation. For additional drama awards, please see List of 38 Selected Plays (SEE BELOW) Prose honors "Pan Stickies” (story), First Place, Buffalo Bones Competition "Chickens" (poem), Finalist, Abiko Quarterly International Poetry Contest, Nagasaki, Japan "The Man Who Buried..." (story), Finalist, Mississippi Review Fiction Competition "West Randolph Street" (story), Hon. Mention, “Short-Short Story Competition”, Florida State Univ. "Wing Night Afternoon" (story), Finalist, Pacific Coast Journal Competition Fellowships Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, VA; Dorset Colony House, Dorset, VT; Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, Mars Hill, NC; The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences, Rabun Gap, GA; Artist-in-Residence, Poinsett Park, Poinsett, SC; The Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, NY Administration: Founding Artistic Director, Playwrights Fund of NC & Southeastern Playwrights’ Festival ScriptWriters Board of Directors, Columbia, South Carolina Task Force and Board of Directors, Building Bridges, Florence, South Carolina Board of Directors, Friends School in Detroit (current) Publications: POTATO GIRL, Changing Scenes, Institute for Southern Studies, Southern Exposure Magazine & One-Act Plays for Acting Students (Meriwether). Selections from MUGGINS and THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF PERSIMMON T. HOPEWELL, The Actors' Scenebook: Great Monologues and Dialogues from Classical and Contemporary Theatre (Meriwether); Wade's Monologue, Spring Poets Theatre/Cafe LaMama Issue of Lamia Ink!; "Buffalo Girl" (story), Thema,; "Chickens" (poem), Abiko Quarterly,; "The Young Woman in the Green Dress" (story) & "The Invisible Wish" (story), Pavement Saw; "Scars" (Poem), Mediphores,s; "Working in Tobacco" (story), Happy,; "Woodrow Carries On" (Story), A Room of One's Own: A Canadian Journal of Literature and Criticism; "The Silver Collection" (story), Potato Eyes; "December Sunlight" (story), Wordplay Magazine; "Rendezvous in a Clean Place" (story) Quantum Tao Anthology; "Wing Night Afternoon" (story), Pacific Coast Journal; "The Man Who Buried..." (story), Mississippi Review, & Breakfast in Bed (UK); "Pan Stickies" (Story), Silver Quill Anthology (The Scriveners); PAST ANGRY (play), This Month on Stage (Holvoe); "The Goldfinch" (story), Freedom's Just Another Word Anthology, Outrider Press; "Picasso n Me 4-Ever" (story), Feathers, Fins, & Fur Anthology, Outrider Press, & Alkali Flats; "Vestige" (story), Sweet Annie Review; "The Wrong Bus out of Dallas" (Story), Spectacle (Pachanga Press); SARAJEVO (one-act play), Cauchemar; “…Supposed to Sit and Knit” (story) Knit-Lit Anthology; “The Madman” (story, “PT Hopewell”), Colere, Coe College); DANCING WITH ALL THE COOL KIDS (play), Brooklyn Publishers; Monologue from LEMONADE LAGOON in anthology Young Women’s Monologs from Contemporary Plays, SUNY Potsdam (Meriwether); POTATO GIRL (play), Heuer Publishing; THE MAN WHO BURIED HIS DOGS IN THE FRONT YARD (play), Heuer Publishing; “Why I Hate Guns”(story) Out of Line; “Pessoa Poems” in anthology In the Footsteps of a Shadow, ed. Cutler (pending, 2009); “Where Stories Go” (poem), Margie; “On the Invasion of Iraq, 2003” (poem), The Gihon River Review; “Me & My Brother & the Skunk”(story), Solace anthology; "Not Far to Cascais" (poem) Natural Bridge Selected Theatre Scripts by C. Rusch (K. Biadaszkiewicz) full length scripts 1. JINNISTAN (aka A BOZZA FOR GAZA) (full-length farce) 6 women, 6 men New York University's Tisch School of the Arts HotINK! program Ann Arbor Friends Meeting (workshops) Award: Oxford International Institute for Documentary and Drama in Conflict Transformation Selected for Columbus (Ohio) Fringe Festival Highly theatrical, humanistic tale about Israeli/Palestinian tragedy. Slapstick, satire, physical comedy rampant in the tale of a Holocaust survivor who helps a young Palestinian couple escape to safety. 2. VANISHING POINT (full-length love story) 4 women, 2 men Honorable mention, New Play Project, Southeastern Theatre Conference Honorable mention, NC Arts Council Fellowship Competition NC Playwrights Festival, UNC-Greensboro Workshop Works by Women, Greenwich Street. Theatre, NY East Village Experimental Theatre Company Workshop The story of a famous artist and the women who love him. 3. EPHEMERALS (full-length drama) 4 women, 3 men (with multiple casting) Reading (informal), Berkeley, CA Finalist, Theaterwork Competition (New Mexico) Finalist, Phoenix Theatre Competition (Indianapolis) Finalist, Trustus Competition (South Carolina) Finalist, Theatre Conspiracy Competition (Florida) Poignant story of a young woman's relationship with her foreign-born grandmother. Nonlinear style, simple set, contemporary. 4. BOSTON ’49… (full-length romantic comedy) 1 woman, 2 men Staged reading at Nat Horne Theater, NY, Love Creek Productions Finalist, TheatreWorks Competition, Univ. of Colorado Presented at Centerpieces (lunch theatre), Roanoke, VA Finalist, Playwrights Theatre of Baltimore Competition Finalist, Kernodle Playwriting competition Honorable Mention, Writers Network Competition (Beverly Hills, CA) New Ensemble Actors Theatre, NY Stormy romantic relationship between a visual artist and a scientist. Contemporary New York City. 5. BEAUTY SECRETS (full-length drama) 3 women, 4 or more men The story of Eva Braun’s struggle with self deception. Multi-level set. Major part for a mature actress. 6. SEPTEMBER 12TH (full-length family comedy) 6 women, 5 men College of Charleston (SC) workshop (early draft, different title) Two brothers compete in love, life, and careers in the highly charged and fearful atmosphere of terrorism. Good roles for a variety of ages, teens through seniors. 7. TRANE: BEYOND THE BLUES (Jazzy, full-length biographical drama) Minimum cast: 1 woman, 3 men Mostly African-American cast NC Black Repertory Theatre, Winston-Salem The Performance Network, Ann Arbor Published by the late Palmetto Play Service Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo, Norway Soul Rep, Dallas, Texas University of Louisville (KY) The story of jazz legend John Coltrane. This play has been translated into Norwegian. 8. THE MAKE-BELIEVE MIRACLE (aka THE ABSENCE OF FELICITY; or THE DEVIL AND EDWARD DE VERE) (full-length drama) 1 woman, 5 men South Carolina Playwrights Conference, Beaufort Festival of New Theatre in Scotland, Edinburgh Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival PlayLab The story that shows clearly and simply why Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain and other famous thinkers insisted that Edward deVere, 17th Earl of Oxford wrote the works attributed to "Shakespeare”. The “devil” in this play is Lord Burghley, young Edward’s ward, later father-in-law and Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth I. The story incorporates scenes from plays and sonnets that relate directly to events in Edward’s life. Major part for mature actress. 9. GONE GOOSE IS LOOSE & THE SCUPPERNONG'S TURNED (full-length drama) 5 women, 4 men (multiple casting possible) A young white trash girl confronts her past. 10. UNIVERSAL IDOL (or THE CARNIVAL OF THE WHISTLING SHRIMP) (full-length) (2 women, 4 men, extras for crowd) A lively carnival on the theme of war. Garish costumes, improvised music and sets. heroine quartet Three alternative comedies, each standing alone or as a full evening of theatre, each following the adventures of a young heroine in her quest for hope, love, and ballroom dancing: *11. A SAMBA FOR WANDA (comedy) 2 women, 2 men Initial reading, NC Playwrights Conference Featured at the Festival of the Avant-garde, Coastal Carolina University, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina A young woman runs into a sports car and alters the destiny of a university physics professor. Involves some once-popular dancing. *12. MISS RAVINA DEVOIR… (comedy) 2 women, 3 men A slightly surreal comedy about a young woman who, in a desperate attempt to keep her carnival going, enters a contest, and wins. *13. THE CHARITY FISH FRY TINIKLING SHOW (comedy) 2 women, 4 men Finalist, MultiStages Playwriting Competition, New York. A lively comedy about a young woman's search for respect from her father. Structured around a traditional folk dance. *14 THE UNSPEAKABLE DEBUT… (2 women, 3 men) A young woman treads the thin line between passionate altruism and the deepest, darkest blasphemy. one act scripts 15. IN PRAISE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION (one-act comedy) 3 women, 3 men Theatre-Studio, New York (using earlier title) A wacky ensemble's fund raiser goes well until one of them snaps, but Myrtle saves the day. 16. THE MAN WHO BURIED HIS DOGS IN THE FRONT YARD (one-act comedy) 1 woman, 2 men Heuer Publishing Producers Choice Award, Turnip Theatre Festival, New York. Two lonely people find each other in the rural American South. 17. PALO ALTO (one-act romantic comedy) 1 woman, 2 men Studio-Theatre, New York Saint Aiden's Better Entertainment League, Malibu, CA The story of a young couple and the intruder who changes their lives. 18. THE MAN WHO CAME BACK AS A BALLROOM DANCER (one-act drama) 2 women, 2 men American Globe Theatre, New York Studio-Theatre, New York A down-on-her-luck singer recognizes a former lover in the audience. 19. THE NEW SIGN (one-act drama) 2 men The Present Company Theatorium, New York Ten by Ten Festival, ArtsCenter, Carrboro, NC American Theatre in Higher Education Conference, San Diego The ID America Festival, New York Finalist, The Mercy Plays, New York Two laborers ponder the September 11 attacks on the US. 20. THE CHRISTMAS BRIDE (aka THE BRIDE WHO DREAMED OF ROCKEFELLER CENTER) (one-act Christmas comedy) 3 women, 2 men A newlyweds' first Christmas together is in trouble when the bride's meddling sister stops in for a visit. 21. “NOTHING” SOUP (one-act drama) 4 women, 2 men The day a Polish immigrant girl changes her religion. Takes place in 1920s Milwaukee. 22. POTATO GIRL (one-act drama) 2 women, 1 man Heuer Publishing Best Play, Southern Exposure Magazine Competition Published in Southern Exposure Magazine Anthology One Act Plays for Acting Students Best Lunch Theatre Ever, Greenville, NC Octoberfest, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NY Theatre-Studio, New York, March, 2002 Women-Center-Stage Festival, New York, July, 2002 Actors Theatre Santa Rosa, CA, Spring, 2003 A young woman uses her imagination to survive. Unusual but simple set calls for 20 lbs. potatoes. 23. PAST ANGRY (one-act social justice drama) 6 women and 11 men (or fewer with double-casting) Brooklyn Publishing Finalist, TheatreWorks Competition, University of Colorado Initially presented at the NC Playwrights Center First place, Judith Siegel Pierson Award, Wayne State University Honorable Mention, Jane Chambers Award, Wright State University Myriad Film & Theatre Festival, Greenwich Street Theatre, New York First Place, Women's Playwrights Festival, Sumter Opera House, Sumter(SC)Little Theatre Multiracial cast. Unconventional "Operetta" about a North Carolina industrial fire. Workers' rights. 24. TEA GIRL (one act comedy) 3 women, 1 man Playwrights Publishing, UK Honorable Mention, Old Opera House, W. VA. (using earlier title) A young factory worker is asked out for her first date. 25. HOW TO MEASURE HALF AN EGG (one-act romantic comedy) 1 woman, 2 men Studio-Theatre, New York Hot couple, smokin’ restaurant, and the dorky waiter who changes their lives. 26. HE CAME HOME ONE DAY WHILE I WAS WASHING DISHES (one-act drama) 1 woman, 1 young man Letter of Recognition, Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Honorable Mention, New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition Finalist, The Mercy Plays. ***Best American Short Play Anthology (Applause Books) A young man races home to tell his mother the news she dreads. 27. SARAJEVO (one-act drama) 1 woman, 1 man Semi-Finalist, Drury National One-Act Play Competition A dancer determined to advance her career confronts an AWOL soldier as the bombs fall "in a country that no longer exists". 28. GOING AFTER (one-act drama) 1 woman, 3 men, and voices Semifinalist, Actors Theatre of Louisville One Act Competition Disillusionment transforms a peace-loving young man into a mass-murderer. 29. THE DANCE OF SNOWY (one act comedy) 6 women, 6 men A young man realizes just in time that he is about to marry the wrong woman. Seasonal: winter holidays. 30. WAY KEWL (one act melodrama) 5 women, 2 men The hero, the damsel, the villain, and the take-out delivery person. Love, loss, and reunion on a snowy corner on a cold winter day. 31. COTTONMOUTH JUBILEE (fifteen minute drama) 3 women On the porch during the great flood of 1927, three white Mississippi women sip lemonade. When the conversation gets awkward, one of them murders another. But the third will never tell. 32. CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA (dark comedy) 2 men, 3 women, a choir, mannequins/masks Theater IMB/SW Annex, Phoenix, AZ, Angry Santa Festival (Regional Alternative Theatre) An “all-American family” celebrates Christmas in a culture of violence. 33. FOUNDING MOTHER'S LUNCH (aka Detour Daddy at the Wheel) (10-minute political satire) 2 actors (2 men or 1 man, 1 woman) Origin of the American Revolution, which in fact began in this very dining room. This play has been translated into German by Doris Martin. 34. JEBOIS (drama) 2 men, 1 woman The Best Lunch Theatre Ever, Greenville, NC Two men at a party wait for the stripper to show up. 35. THE WOMAN WHO LOVED CASTRO (aka ZunZun) (20 minute drama) 3 men, 5 women The romance of Celia Sanchez and Fidel Castro. 36. KISS MY PACZKI, MR. KING OF THE WORLD (10 minute drama) 0 men, 2 women American Globe Theatre, New York In blue-collar Detroit, a daughter tells mom she has enlisted 37. DINOSAUR PARADE (30 minute comedy) 0 men, 4 women A mother and her 3 adult daughters prepare for the annual Cruise Parade picnic in contemporary Detroit 38. SNACKS IN THE MOTOR CITY (romantic drama) 1 man, 1 woman When his girlfriend is late coming home, a laid-off autoworker assumes the worst. But all is well. She was only finishing up a little industrial espionage. youth theatre 39. DANCING WITH ALL THE COOL KIDS (one-hour drama for a classroom of young teens) Brooklyn Publishing Robots avert ecological disaster. A lively, large-cast adventure for youth actors. 40. ALL ABOARD! (one act drama) (2 women, 3 men) Historical adventure on the early Reading Railroad. 41. SCIENTIA, SCIENTIAE (comic treatment of the wonderful world of science) 3 women, 4 men Physics, chemistry, even Einstein himself: a fresh look at scientific progress. K. Biadaszkiewicz PO Box 202 Wyandotte, Michigan 48192 usa (734) 552-8973 (cell)

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